Cataloging at Source

Good names and descriptions have always been the key to success but in an electronic world they must be standardized as well. The key to standardized names and descriptions is a standardized dictionary, industry standard cataloging templates and description rules, these are now available from ECCMA, the international not for profit the association that initiated the development of ISO 22745 the international standard for cataloging and ISO 8000, the international standard for data quality.

The Mundusdata Cataloging at Source (mC@S) application is an on-line tool designed to help companies apply standardized description rules to build standardized names and descriptions using industry standard cataloging templates based on the world’s largest ISO 22745 Open Technical Dictionary, the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD).

Master data managers as well as procurement departments can use mC@S to improve the quality of the names and descriptions in their material and service master data for faster and better requisition to order, procure to pay and spend analysis. Better still they can use mC@S to enlist the support of the real cataloging experts, their suppliers, in creating ISO 8000 quality data they can use to lower the cost of data acquisition or data cleansing (ECCMA can customize the cataloging templates to meet the needs of your specific supply chain).

Product managers can now use mC@S to create standardized names and descriptions of any length in any language and better still companies can also use mC@S to respond to request for ISO 8000 quality data from their customers and from regulators.

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